Cape Town 2017

Date & Time In Cape Town

Wednesday, March 15
We’re off!

   Friday, March 17
    Hi to all
We have arrived and had our first practice today at Plumstead greens. The club has 2 squares and we were there with the Australian team. We had dropped off the Scottish team at a closer green that had 3 squares. The trip here was fairly uneventful with the only hang up being a wait for our cart in Amsterdam. The woman on the plane told us that a cart would be waiting for us when we got to the head of the ramp. There was one there but the driver said it wasn’t ours but we should stay near and one would come. When we only had 2 hours between flights and waiting for 45 minutes we got a little anxious. After talking to a cart driver and she making a phone call we finally got on board. It was far too long if we had to walk and our driver was a talkative, reckless one which made for an interesting ride. We got to the gate on time, met our team mates from Edmonton. The planes were on time but the flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town seemed much longer than the 11 hours that we were in the air. We had good help at this airport with wheelchairs to take the 2 blind through security and customs. Our shuttle was waiting for us and we got to the hotel just before midnight. Gus and I both had a good sleep and the buffet breakfast
was delicious. It appears that the hotel will look after us well.The first picture is from the hotel parking lot looking at Table Mountain. 15 minutes later it was covered with clouds so we have to schedule our gondola ride when there will be no wind or clouds.The 2nd picture is from our practice time today. The club put on a good meat, salad lunch for us while we were there.The weather forecast is for temps approaching :30 but hopefully with no wind.I hope this comes through loud and clear and you may receive them about every second day all going well.

Take care and thanks for your support.
Gus & Donn

Sunday, March 19
This is the picture of the greens with the mountain in the background.
We were lucky to have this African percussion group playing during our 3rd practice session.
Monday, March 20
Hi to all.

The tournament games got going today with almost everyone having at least one game. Canada was drawn against Australia in our 5 games. Gus Thorne played the Australian B1 player and I wish we had been playing sets. We scored the first point and after 10 ends Australia was ahead 17 – 1. The next 10 ends Gus out scored his opponent 11 – 4. However we were playing to 21 points so Australia won 21 – 12. In the afternoon mixed pairs event Gus was paired with a woman from Northern Ireland. Gus is the skip of the airs team and played opposite the same Australian man who had beaten him in the morning. Gus outplayed him quite handily  and they won 15 – 7.
In the B3 category Daniel Morris of Montreal defeated his Australian opponent 21 – 11 in singles. Vivian Kwan of Edmonton lost her singles match. Kwan and Morris combined for their pairs game against Australia. The game was very close for most of the contest but Australia pulled ahead in the last 2 ends to win 16 – 11.
All of the games will be played at the Western Province Cricket Club. There are 12 championship sections – 4 for the women’s sight categories, 4 for the men’s and 4 for the mixed pairs. Play will continue until Tuesday of next week.
Gus and Donn will be in action again tomorrow with a singles and pairs game against Hong Kong.
Picture 1 this is the view from the greens toward Table Mountain. I was told by a local while I was taking this picture that the clouds coming that direction is a sign of rain. There is quite a fall of rain as I am writing this.
Picture 2 is the view of the clubhouse where we have our lunch and dinner.
You can see Gus with his teammate Lisa Royle of North Ireland with her husband Steve, her director.
I will probably send more results tomorrow .
Wednesday, March 22

Hi to all.
From the smiles on the faces of the 2 on the left, you can probably tell the result of our match today against England. The game was very close at times being Ted at 4 after 4 ends. Gus then scored a 4-ender on the 5th end. He then stretched his lead to 11 – 4.
However the English player fought back and got the score to 13 – 12.
Gus then took over winning 6 of the next 7 ends to win 21 – 13 to secure his first international singles victory.
Because of the heat yesterday we did not play our pairs game this morning.
Daniel Morris of Montreal won his third straight singles match today and is tied for first place in his sight category
Vivian Kwan of Edmonton lost a very close game to England with the English player scoring in the last 2 ends to win 21 – 18.
Ms Kwan is still looking for her first victory.
The weather was quite a bit cooler today compared to yesterday’s 38 degrees.
The organizing committee are treating us very well and everyone is so helpful.
Tomorrow’s opponent is New Zealand.
Talk to you soon.
First International singles victory for Gus!

Friday, March 24
Hi to all.

The pictures below are from opening ceremonies.
The first is Isreal who we played today. The second is South Africa in the foreground and the Scottish team behind them.
Today was a good day for us. We played Israel in mixed pairs this morning. It was a very challenging game for both teams. The wind was very strong and was blowing diagonally across the green. We lost the game 16 – 3 in 11 ends but Israel scored only 1 point in 8 of those ends which shows how close the heads were. Unfortunately they also scored a 5  and  a 3 to spoil a good game.
However Gus got some revenge in his singles game in the afternoon. The wind was not as strong in the afternoon so both players had better control over their weight.Israel led for most of the early part of the game until the 14th end when Gus tied the score at 9. However he gave up a 4 on the next end to fall behind again. The Israeli player was leading 15 – 11 with time limit of 3.5 hours approaching. However Gus dug down to score 2 points on each of the last 2 ends to tie the score at 15 after 20 ends. The gentleman from Israel has been competing in this tournament since 1993 so Gus is extremely happy and proud that he can compete with players with a lot more experience than he has.
Our B 3 pair won a close game today against Scotland winning 16 – 15 on the last end.
Ms Kwan from Edmonton lost her match with South Africa.
Saturday morning will feature mixed pairs play in the morning and then a welcome break for the afternoon and a full day off on Sunday.
Play will resume on Monday and finish with one section on Tuesday and the final banquet in the evening.
Take care and thanks for your support and interest.

Saturday, March 25

This is the mixed team that played in the morning.
The fellow 2nd from the right is the player that Gus played this afternoon.
The couple to the right of Gus are from Northern Ireland and are our partners in the mixed pairs.
Take care.

March 25

Hi to all.
Today was an easy day at the green with only one session scheduled and all the games were mixed pairs. The picture is our mixed team with Gus Thorne and myself on the left and Lisa and Steve Royle of Northern Ireland on the right. Today we played South Africa and they won the game 12 – 6. Tracy Smith of South Africa bowled extremely well which made it difficult for us but once again we gave up a 5 ender which killed our chances for a win.
Our B3 team of Ms Kwan from Edmonton and Daniel Morris from Montreal won their third pairs game coming from behind in the last 2 ends to win 13 – 10.
Most of the teams enjoyed the afternoon by relaxing. This evening we went to a restaurant  featuring African drumming. To start we each had a drum and the leader showed us how to use it. He then had us play short bits and finally we put the bits together. For a group of almost 50 and all new to this it sounded very good. The meal consisted of a variety of African dishes starting with appetizers, salad, main course and dessert.
We were in the restaurant for almost 3 hours so it was a most enjoyable evening.
Tomorrow the group will spread out and experience a variety of tourist activists in Cape Town area.
We will be back to the bowling on Monday.
Take care.
Monday, March 27

Hi to all.
Today was a busy day for us with 2 singles matches with wins as definite possibilities. Unfortunately the morning game did not go well for us. We were playing South Africa. During our pairs game on Saturday Gus had out bowled his SA opponent. However today the tables were turned and we lost
21 – 6 after 14 ends.
However Gus returned to form in the afternoon playing against Scotland. We won 21 – 5 in 13 ends. He was much more in form this afternoon. However both players were feeling the affect of the bug that has hit many in the tournament group.
With 2 wins, 1 tie and 4 losses Gus will place 5th ahead of
South Africa, Scotland and England. A great result for his first tournament at this level.
Daniel Morris of Montreal lost his final game against South Africa who went through the tournament undefeated.
South Africa wins the Gold at B3 level
with Canada claiming the Silver.
Our B3 woman, Vivian Kwan won her final game with a walkover because the Scottish lady was struck by the bug that is around.
Gus and his Northern Ireland partner were scheduled to finish the tournament against the Scottish pair but the Scots have withdrawn because of illness.
  Our record in the mixed pairs ended with 1 win, 4 losses and 2 walk overs or default wins in our figuring. Gus will have a short game against Lisa Royle his partner Tuesday morning.
Overall a very successful venture for both of us.
The complete results should be on the website.
Picture 1 includes the Scottish  opponent
Picture 2 is an impressive score board
Picture 3 the cooks preparing our barbecue lamb
Games finish with tomorrow morning session. Medal presentation in the afternoon and the final banquet in the evening.
Thanks for your interest and support,
Sunday, April 9

Hi to all.
I thought I had sent these pictures from Africa but I guess I didn’t hit the send button.
Picture 1 is our Fun Day team. Abe was our skip, Gus played lead and I played 2nd. It was 2 bowls triples and the 20 teams played 5 games each. A great format for including lots of players and still leaving a lot of drinking / resting time for those who need it.
We won 3 and lost 2 so ended up in the middle of the pack.

Picture 2 shows a 10 year old girl directing for her visually impaired granddad.

Picture 3 I included because I know that the c pub are considering buying a new barbecue. Our members could build one like this.
Enjoy and I hope to see you on the green soon.