The Flamingo – Unisex Pairs and Tropical BBQ

Guidelines for the Flamingo

on Saturday, August 3, 2019


To say that this event is very different is an understatement.  Everything is different.

Think of this as a party where you have rented a rink (like a lane in 10-pin) and 10 of you have gathered to play a Round Robin and have lots of fun together. 

What’s different?

  • There are no Skips or Leads. The pairs up to play are all at the mat end during the delivery of the bowls.  Another team in your group will be the Markers.
  • Only seven bowls can be played by each team. The 8th bowl is carried up to the next end.  Note:  Players and Markers must ensure that this 8th bowl is not played.
  • Each player MUST play a minimum of two bowls. This means one of the pair could play 5 bowls by using his or her partner’s bowl.
  • Your team can bowl in any order for each bowl played. Lots of negotiation goes on.
  • There are only four ends played per game, and
  • Each game is timed for 30 mins. maximum. When time is called, the game freezes and the score is taken as it stands at that moment (after giving the bowl in motion time to come to rest).

The score sheets indicate which teams play and in what order.  Ten games will need to be played for the full Round Robin on your rink.  The score sheets also indicate who the Markers are.  There will be a Marker placed at each end.  The Markers are responsible for keeping the score and to get the results into the games master.  The two teams who are spectators are free to watch, applaud and cheer, as well as taking this time for refreshments and comfort breaks. 

In the Round Robin, you will play four games, mark two games and spectate for four games. 

Then it’s a knockout[1]:

  • The top two teams from each rink will move on to the Quarter Finals.
  • The winners of the Quarter Finals will go onto the Semi Finals
  • The two winning teams of the Semi Finals go on to the Finals


[1] no tied games – an extra end will be played