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The Flamingo – Unisex Pairs and Tropical BBQ

Guidelines for the Flamingo

on Saturday, August 1, 2020


To say that this event is very different is an understatement.  Everything is different.

Think of this as a party where you have rented a rink (like a lane in 10-pin) and 10 of you have gathered to play a Round Robin and have lots of fun together. 

What’s different?

  • There are no Skips or Leads. The pairs up to play are all at the mat end during the delivery of the bowls.  Another team in your group will be the Markers.
  • Only seven bowls can be played by each team. The 8th bowl is carried up to the next end.  Note:  Players and Markers must ensure that this 8th bowl is not played.
  • Each player MUST play a minimum of two bowls. This means one of the pair could play 5 bowls by using his or her partner’s bowl.
  • Your team can bowl in any order for each bowl played. Lots of negotiation goes on.
  • There are only four ends played per game, and
  • Each game is timed for 30 mins. maximum. When time is called, the game freezes and the score is taken as it stands at that moment (after giving the bowl in motion time to come to rest).

The score sheets indicate which teams play and in what order.  Ten games will need to be played for the full Round Robin on your rink.  The score sheets also indicate who the Markers are.  There will be a Marker placed at each end.  The Markers are responsible for keeping the score and to get the results into the games master.  The two teams who are spectators are free to watch, applaud and cheer, as well as taking this time for refreshments and comfort breaks. 

In the Round Robin, you will play four games, mark two games and spectate for four games. 

Then it’s a knockout[1]:

  • The top two teams from each rink will move on to the Quarter Finals.
  • The winners of the Quarter Finals will go onto the Semi Finals
  • The two winning teams of the Semi Finals go on to the Finals


[1] no tied games – an extra end will be played

Tournament Entries Open 8 a.m. onwards


  • Qualicum Foods Ladies’ and Men’s Triples
  • Nexgen Men’s and Women’s Pairs
  • Royal Canadian Legion Men’s and Women’s Triples

These 3 tournaments are restricted to BVINPR clubs and team members must all be from the same club; registrations go to your own club.  Each club will be allocated 3 spaces until final numbers are confirmed by the hosting clubs.

Sylvia Gibb tournament should be made directly to Lynn Chwartacki or 250-752-0851

Tenderfoot Tournament is open to those who started bowling in 2015 or later and bust have at least one novice on the team.


Cut Throat – Mornings

Cut Throat – 2 to 4 players on a green each on their “own team”; each player throws 4 bowls in rotation, alphabetic order by first name for the first end; first jack delivered by first up to play and jack is played to where it lands.  Subsequent ends the jack may be placed anywhere within bounds by lowest scorer on the previous end.  Each player then bowls in order of score: first bowl of each end is delivered by previous ends player with the closest bowl; scoring – closest to jack 3 points, 2nd closest 2 points, 3rd closest bowl 1 point.

Short Mat Bowling

Short mat is held Monday and Friday afternoons at Costin Hall in Lantzville for approximately 3 hours per session until Easter on a drop-in basis ‒ no commitment required.  (Note:  Recommences first week of October 2019.)  Two games are played throughout the afternoon, with a tea/coffee break between. Please bring your lawn bowls (or borrow ours if you are new to the game) a desire to have fun, and an occasional contribution to the snack pool.

There are three mats, so up to 24 players can be accommodated for each game. Average turnout 12 – 14 players.

Costin Hall

7232 Lantzville Road
Lantzville (across from Royal Canadian Legion)

Mondays and Fridays 1:00 p.m.
(Names in by 1 p.m. for the first game to commence 1:15 p.m.)
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to help with set up.
Also, your assistance in take down is important.
The event is run by the volunteers and everyone needs to chip in.

$5 per session or $3.00 per session if a member of Seaside Community Society ($15).

We have a lot of fun and it is a great way to spend the winter all the time
keeping in touch with fellow lawn bowlers until the Spring lawn bowling season starts again.

Come and give it a try; have some fun!

For further information contact:   Shirley Phillips (250-751-1561)