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Lessons are planned for the upcoming year once we have the go ahead from The City, Bowls BC and Vancouver Island Heath Authority to Return to Play.
Please feel free to contact Shirley Phillips, Head Coach via email for more information.  The first lesson is always FREE.

On this page we offer you access to coaching information with useful tips about the sport. 

Lawn Bowls Promotion YouTube from Bowls Canada
(look out for our youth bowler, Jason)

Bowls – It’s Brilliant

Coaching YouTubes from Bowls New Zealand

The Delivery

The Draw Shot

The Controlled Weight Shot

The Run Shot

The Drive Shot


These handouts are for both beginners and long-time players alike.
Please click on any of the topics below for access to the appropriate information sheet.

Simple Tips and Exercises for Lawn Bowls to prevent injury
Team Spirit
Bowls Overview  
Lawn Bowling Etiquette  
Stance and Delivery
Lawn Bowling Glossary
Beginner’s Guide To Bowls
Duties Of The Lead
Duties Of The Third/Vice 
Duties Of The Skip
Recommended Etiquette Duties and Responsibilities


Bowls Canada:  Bowling Handbook

Laws of Lawn Bowling Crystal Mark3