Green Keeping


An outline of the activities for which volunteers are needed:

manonmower3Requires 12 volunteers for a bi-weekly commitment of 1/2 to 2 hours.

On days when the green is verticut, as well as mowed, the time required is 2 to 3 hours.
Over the past season we have tried to verticut every Wednesday, whenever possible.

Mowing is scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and usually starts between 8:00 and 9:00 am
at the descretion of the volunteers on a particular day.

fertilizing4At certain times of the year the green is hit with a variety of fungi or moulds which necessitate spraying with chemicals.

These organisms are part of the ecology and cannot be totally eradicated, only controlled.

Infestations are seasonal but not infrequent.  Generally the early fall, spring and mid-to-late summer are the most likely times.

Fertilizer is applied on a three to four week cycle, depending on need.
This involves spreading 40-50 pounds and then making sure it is well watered to prevent the green being burnt.

In the fall about 400 pounds of lime (Dolopril) is applied but this does not need to be watered in.

The main problem one runs into is finding a time slot for these activities.

Watering is best done on an as required basis rather than automated.
Over-watering is as much to be avoided as under-watering.
Some maintenance of the sprinkler system may be required from time to time.

Keeping the green in good shape requires a lot of equipment, some of which is used more frequenly than others.
The new Toro mowers are used most often and need to be rotated every six weeks,
at which time the mowing head may need to be taken in for sharpening and set-up.

The verticutter knives last for two or three months before becoming too worn, at which time they are replaced.
The old Scott-Bonner mower, used to help with cleanup after verticutting, needs frequent adjusting.

These are the most used machines. We also have a John Deere tractor which is used to cut the grass around the green,
dragging the green and to carry the spray pump and tank.

At the end of the season we used a coring machine and a spreader for sand.
Because these two machines sit most of the year they can need a lot of coaxing to get them going.

Maintenance on most or all of these machines can be done by the dealers or other businesses.
Other than sharpening, replacing knives and regular lubrication and oil changes, most maintenance is only required once a year for each piece of equipment.

To avoid conflicting with each other some scheduling and co-operation is required
between the different greens keeping activities and with the Games co-ordinator.
Most of these are known well ahead of time and should not present a problem.

Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club relies on volunteers to keep it going.
Having a good green is key to enjoyment of the game and the continued health of this club.

Volunteers are needed for the activities outlined.
Please give this some serious thought and be prepared to put your name down for the activity for which you are most interested and/or qualified.


Written by John Ward