The International Bowls For The Disabled World Championships
took place in Lower Hutt, New Zealand  February 16th through 27th, 2015
at the Hutt Bowling Club and Naenae Bowling Club.
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Group2Recently the club hosted the BC Blind Sports Provincial
Championships for the Blind. Out of town bowlers came from the Vancouver area and Kelowna.
Al Hanet of Kelowna recently participated in the Commonwealth Games held in Scotland
paired with a woman from Calgary in the mixed pairs event.

Each bowler played 4 games over the 2 days. The games were to 21 points with a 2 hour time limit.
Winner and provincial champion was Dave Ruckman of Nanaimo who went undefeated winning all 4 games.
2nd place was Al Hanet from Kelowna with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.
He and Dave had a very exciting final with Dave winning 21 – 15 right at the 2 hour mark.
3rd place went to Randy Fred with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.
Randy is from Nanaimo and was the only totally blind bowler competing.
In 4th place was Jay Gatley of Nanaimo with a record of 2 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss.
He also won the Harvey Hodges Memorial Award.
Rose Kamma – Sarkany of our club competed in her first serious competition played well and won a game.
You can see that our 4 Nanaimo bowlers did well with a 1st, 3rd and 4th place finishes.
These bowlers were assisted by Dean Thompson with Dave, Donn Sherry with
Randy, Bill Roos with Jay and Roelie Roos with Rose.
The 4 will now be off to Brantford, Ontario to take part in the Canadian Championships.
3 Special ,Thanks:
1. To Margaret Parker and Fred Hulke who were willing to step in when one of the
Vancouver bowlers did not show up.
They each played 2 games for us.
2. To Jean Smythe, Al Barrass, Ed Zydyk, Joyce Mitchell, Marion Wallace,
Erle Wallace, Monique Bourgoyne, Jean Jacobson,Cathy Barter, Peter Barter, Emily Lawson,
Maureen Evans, Evelyn Scharfe, Julie Hustwick and David Burns who acted as markers.
All did an excellent job.
3. To the club executive and members who on very short notice approved our request and
provided an excellent venue for our competition.
Signatures Donn


Since 1983 the Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club has offered green time, coaching and sighted helpers to low vision persons in our community. Betty & Bob Benton, Mona Haddad, Joyce Osborne and Norval Wheatcroft were instrumental in getting the program started. They recruited many dedicated members who were willing to work with these visually impaired individuals. Mona and the Bentons often included the V I bowlers such as Cheryl Ward and Tracy Manca on their teams both in club and open tournaments.
Because of their hard work,  dedication and influence, the blind program has remained strong in our club.

Over the years we have been blessed with some excellent bowlers such as Al Acheson, Cindy McQuirter, Cheryl Ward, Tracy Manca, Elaine Smithson, Shirley Cole. Kendrick Wall, Iris Ferguson and Hugh McIntosh.
These bowlers dominated the medal podium at provincial and national competitions for years.

In 1989 Cindy, Cheryl and Hugh represented Canada in the International Blind Bowls World Championships held in Zimbabwe
with Cheryl winning a bronze medal in the mixed pairs event.

In 1993 Al, Tracy and Elaine were part of the Canadian team which competed in the IBBA World Championships held in Victoria.

 In 1994 Tracy represented Canada in the Commonwealth Games held in Victoria.

 In 1995 Elaine won a bronze medal in England and qualified to bowl in the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games where she placed 5th.

 In 2003 Iris travelled to Malaysia as part of the Canadian team.
In 2005 she played in South Africa in the IBBA World Championships where she placed 5th.

 At the present time we have 10 bowlers who participate regularly on Tuesday morning. The group now accepts all persons with disabilities including individuals with mental challenges and the early stages of Alzheimer.
Some of the bowlers are competitive and others enjoy the social aspect of our game.

 Randy Fred leads our competitive bowlers having won many gold medal at provincial and national competitions.
He is being challenged by Jay Gatley, David Ruckman and our two new totally blind bowlers – Gus Thorne and Tshepo Raditladi.

 Tuesday mornings are a fun two hours marked with coffee, goodies, social interaction and of course bowling. The members of the Nanaimo Blind group are very thankful for the support and encouragement they have received over the years from the many directors and markers
who have enabled this program to flourish.

Thanks to all club members and the executive for your fine efforts. They are very much appreciated.
We are always looking for new bowlers and helpers.
Plan a visit to the green some Tuesday morning in 2014. We are sure you will enjoy it.
Signatures Donn

 On Thursday June 19, five Sight Impaired bowlers and five directors from Nanaimo travelled to Ladner.

We had a day of friendly competition with bowlers from other BC Clubs.
BC Blind Sports – Mike and Susan – did an great job organizing and providing travel from the ferry to the Green.

 All the bowlers were very appreciative of the hospitality shown by the members of the Ladner club.
They were wonderful hosts, the kitchen served a delicious lunch and their markers did a very efficient job.
We thank you all. Particularly whoever arranged the weather, which was ideal for the games – dry and not too hot

We played 2 ten-end games. Most games were singles, with one lane playing triples/cutthroat.  

Congratulations to Al Hanet of Kelowna and Arlene Stapleton of Victoria
who were the only undefeated bowlers over the day, with most others having a win and a loss over the day.

And I include a photo (above) of the Ladner competition from Jay Gatley.

Submitted by David Burns


The Visually Impaired section had another good morning at the Green on May 6, 2014.
10 sight-impaired bowlers on 5 lanes had some competitive bowling and some social games,
with the help of 12 directors and markers.
We play every Tuesday in the season and many of you have seen the high standard of bowling in the section.
The Club members who come to direct the bowlers, the markers, and those who set up the Greens
are all very much appreciated.

If you have a couple of hours to spare on Tuesday mornings, come have a coffee with us and then get involved.
(from Left to Right)
Reclining on bench: Jay Gatley
FRONT ROW: Dave Ruckman (red shirt) Emily Lawson, Aedan Staddon, Margaret Parker, Tshepo Raditladi, Rose Kamma–Sackny,
Donna Hudon (with black dog), Ashley Charlton, Gus Thorne (yellow lab), Randy Fred

BACK ROW:Donn Sherry, Margaret Coleman, Jean Smythe, Madeleine Sherry, Barbara Hull, Linda Booler. Bill Roos, Peter Booler,
David Burns (good-looking guy with beard), Dean Thompson, Roelie Roos, Walter Bechtold

  McArthur Park KLBCMcArthur Park Lawn Bowling Club, Kamloops, BC

Four Nanaimo visually impaired bowlers accompanied by two directors travelled to Kamloops on September 15, 2013 for an invitational tournament.
Each pair played 3 games.
The Nanaimo pair of Dave Ruckman, skip and Randy Fred, lead went undefeated and won 1st prize.
Tshepo Raditladi (Nanaimo)
played lead with Charles Rae from Kamloops.

They had a record of 2 wins and 1 loss ( losing only to Dave & Randy ) and claimed 3rd prize.
Jay Gatley (Nanaimo) played lead with Kay Miller of Kamloops. Their record was 1 win and 2 losses and they placed 4th.
Also, skip Al Hanet of Kelowna and lead Eugene Amburg of Burnaby place 2nd with 2 wins and 1 loss.
The tournament was played at McArthur Park.
They have 8 visually impaired bowlers and for most of them this was their first opportunity to play against low vision players from around the province.
The club had many volunteers to act as directors and markers. The kitchen staff provided a delicious chili lunch as well as nutritious snacks throughout the day.
Maureen Hickey was the tournament organizer and did a superb job.
Thank you to David Burns and Donn Sherry who accompanied the Nanaimo bowlers.
Thanks to BC Blind Sports who coordinated the event and provided accommodations and transportation for the out of town participants.


Left to Right: Dave Ruckman; Randy Fred; Linda Hall, President, Kamloops Blind; Donn Sherry; Charles Rae, VP Kamloops Blind


Left to Right: Eugene Amburg (Burnaby); Vi Hanet, Director; Linda Hall; Al Hanet; Charles Rae


Left to Right: Tshepo Raditladi; David Burns, Director; Linda Hall; Charles Rae, Skip

On July 23rd, 2013 The Ladner Lawn Bowling Club
hosted an event for
The BC Blind Sports & Recreation Association.
To see a video click here.

bc-blind-nlbc-logosBC Blind Sports Provincial Singles Championships were in Nanaimo over the 3 day period September 24, 25, 26, 2012.

There were 8 participants and they played a full round robin of 7 games.

Arlene Stapleton of Victoria West LBC with 6 wins and 1 loss captured the Gold Medal.
Rosemary Waldie was her director.
The Silver Medal went to Ed McMillan of Langley with 5 wins and 2 losses.
Donn Sherry was his director.
Randy Fred of Nanaimo, a totally blind competitor, surprised many of his better sighted opponents.
Randy had a record of 4 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss to capture the Bronze Medal.
Tom Williams works with Randy.
Dave Ruckman of Nanaimo placed 4th and received the Howard Hodges Achievement Award.
Roelie Roos is Dave’s director.
The Nanaimo Blind group would like to thank members of the Nanaimo LBC for their tremendous support of our tournament.
We had 15 members who acted as markers, 6 more helped Madeleine Sherry in the kitchen with lunches and snacks
plus the 5 members who directed participating bowlers.

A big THANK YOU to the executive of Nanaimo LBC for allowing us the use of the greens on such short notice.
Our special thanks to BC Blind Sports for arranging the tournament, the transportation and accommodations
for the out of town competitors
and for providing the awards.
It was great to have Jane and Susan present the awards to the winners Thanks to Donn Sherry for submitting all this information.